Has anyone ever told you..."You are too sensitive." "You cry too much." "Everything hurts your feelings." "Toughen up!" 

Me too. And honestly, it's debilitating. It tells us that we need to change and be different. Tougher. Harder. Guarded. And for the love of all things, FEEL LESS. I was told those things for many years. My tender heart was burdened by, not only the hurt from my past, but trying to make myself  less emotional so I could succeed in the future.  Those are lies, but those commentators do have a point. Something needs to change. It's just not you. 

Emotional freedom for me was being able to show my sensitivity towards others in a way I could be proud of, not embarrassed of, and in a way that glorified God and that fulfilled the purpose God has for me. You are probably thinking, "Yeah that sounds great... but how do I get there when my heart is overflowing with emotion?"

For the past several years, I struggled. I struggled hard. I cried over everything. I cried in inappropriate moments because I didn't know how else to process the way I was feeling. I didn't have words to articulate my feelings because everything was bubbling over at that point. And because of that, I was talked down too, looked at like I was crazy, and felt like an emotional basket case that everyone had to walk on eggshells around. Not fun. In fact, it only made me feel worse than I already felt. 

I was enslaved by the emotions in my heart. They made me react in a certain way, carry myself a certain way, and live a certain way - all of which did nothing for my happiness and drove me into barrel of worthlessness and fear. I was declared a drama queen and I had a hard time feeling safe being who I was. I couldn't help that I was emotional. God made me that way. 

And that is where it all changed for me. I visited a counselor that said "God made you this way and it is no mistake. Being a sensitive person is a gift." 

A gift?! You're Joking right? Not even a little.

When you have a sensitive heart like I do, all of the feelings can be overwhelming. So we hide. We burry. We sweep it under the rug. It's a survival technique, that ironically enough, kills us slowly. 

But God does not want that to be our lives. In 1 Peter 3:8 God says, "Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind." What I think god is trying to say here is...

It's time to use your emotions to give your best, and not let them get the best of you.

That is the very reason why I created the Tender Hearts Journal. So that women like you and me can break free from feeling enslaved by shame, comparison, rejection, and so much more through forgiveness, expression, permission, honesty, boundaries, purpose, and the big one... God's unchanging love and grace. Through those things we find a foothold of stability I like to call empowerment.

Tender hearts are welcome here.