I get asked all the time, "Where does the name Hazel Berry come from?" The Literal explanation is that Hazel is my eye color and Berry is taken from my married name. But the internal definition is one that lives in the heart of a woman who was transformed by the love of Jesus. The two words together represent a past of pain to a future of promise.  

Our eyes often show our deepest hurts or our greatest trials, but with that depth comes great promise that storms don't last forever, and that our Heavenly Father promises to carry us out on the other side safe and sound. For me, one of those promises came in the form of my husband, which leads to the use of my married name. 

Everything on this website is designed to encourage letting go of how the world damages you, and finding freedom to be who God created you to be through the love of our Savior. Often times we get lost in the details of everyday life. Run this errand, do this chore, make this payment, etc. But rushing from task to task distracts us from what we are being called to focus on... People, relationships, ourselves (heart work is the best work!) and doing things that allow God to speak and work through us. This business and each product you'll find here is dedicated to the philosophy that there is great empowerment to be found through emotional health, discovering purpose through pain and taking care of yourself in a way that honors God. 


When I was 22...

I sat in a rickety old chair in the home study of a premarital counselor. My fianc√©, now my husband, was so sweet to be willing to participate in further (& costly) counseling after we had already attended a few general "pre-martial" classes at an organization in our community. But I wanted more. I needed more. Not because I was unsure about this man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I was more sure about that than I had ever been about anything in my life. He was the promise I had waited for for so long. 

Very quickly, though, I discovered I was there to hear the most important sentence I would hear that would fill my heart with relief, freedom, and belief... and change my life.


"God created you to be a sensitive person and that is a gift, not something that should be hidden or ashamed of. A tender heart is meant to be used to change the world."