I changed my mind.

Hey friends!

I am both nervous and excited to to inform you of this change I'm making to the GIVING for the #printsthatgive line. Nervous because at the last minute God has laid something on my heart that I feel moved to execute very quickly with only two days away from the launch. Yikes! And excited because God has answered a prayer for me to be able to do more and hopefully give more to each of the featured charities. It's last minute which makes my planning heart cringe, but when God says jump I do my best to say "how high" and let's do this!". 

As I developed the Prints That Give print and canvas line, my main goal was to be able to give back to charities that meant something to other people. All I've really ever wanted to do with this business is help others and over the past couple of months I have just felt like there's been a piece of the puzzle missing, and like there was more to be done.  I just wasn't sure what that meant until yesterday. 

I have decided to open up the option for every print to be able to give to one of the featured charities. How that will work is instead of one print being designated for one cause, people will choose the print that they like and then be able to choose the cause that speaks to them the most. I believe giving people option to choose the print that they like the best will result in more money to each cause. Before your cause being paired with one print limits your profits to only the success of the sales for that print. I obviously chose how I would do things for reason before, but sometimes more is revealed to you as time goes on and then you are challenged with a way to make it better. I've excepted the challenge. :) Yesterday I worked tirelessly to make adjustments and we are now set to GO LIVE TOMORROW with this Print + Canvas line! 

Why change my mind now?

ell you could say it's because I'm a woman ;). But it definitely goes much deeper than that. Before, I was fearful there might be a limit to how much money I was able to give to each cause if it wasn't a print that was the most "popular". I imagined a print that was not attached to a cause being sold and me just banking that money when the causes could receive nothing. I didn't sit well with me. If I was in anyway limiting how much money I was able to give through your purchases, then I'm not doing what I was set out to do. This also means that I make less money and that every single print, not just the featured prints, has the ability to give 50% of the profits to a featured charity. Putting the mission before my financial gain is what tells me this is the right move and honestly I feel more at peace with giving as much as possible to each charity. 

Please stop by our FEATURES page to learn more about this months charities/recipients and then head over to the NOMINATE page to nominate a cause that you would like to receive profits from our shop! 

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