Prints That Give

I was sitting on the couch watching fixer upper, when I realized what my next big project would be. FLIPPING HOUSES!!! Just kidding... my husband would die. 

But really though, as I was sitting there and they were showing a sweet couple their new home, the idea came to me. Prints have been in my shop since the beginning. They always meant something to me. Having art in your home on display that tugs on your heart when you walk by it has always been important to me. So despite if they sold or not, I just kept creating them. Somewhere in that Fixer Upper episode it all just came together for me. Not sure how, because it wasn't like Chip was saying, "Jill you should do this.." through the TV. Instead the idea snowballed as I sat there watching these really awesome people pursue this really creative way God has called them to serve the world. God just poured into my heart in that moment. 

"Let's create meaningful prints that can give back to other people. Let's use this business to give back and let's do it big. Together." -GOD

Over the past few months it's been fun to see this idea from start to finish. It's also been nerve wracking to narrow down suppliers and make sure this new idea comes to fruition in a way that I can be proud of esthetically and tangibly, and that God can be proud of by carrying out it's mission.

My business has often felt like a power struggle between myself and God. Am I doing this for my financial benefit, or will it be to grow God's kingdom? This runs through my head constantly and has when it comes down to each project and product. This idea was all about a mission, sticking my neck out there and really praying for God to take a hold of it and work his magic.

So I am really proud to announce the launch of the Prints That Give print and canvas line that donates 50% of the profits from each purchase to the featured cause you choose! 

Each print comes in a variety of forms and sizes:

• 8x10 download ($8)

• 8x10 print ($15)

• 12x16 print ($32)

• 16 x 20 canvas ($92)

Here's the thing. Initially I thought I would select prints for each of the causes, but as time passed and we neared only two days away from today (yikes!) I felt a strong pull to reorganize. God has never steered me wrong, so I followed his lead. The new way you can give through our shop is for every purchase of a print or canvas 50% of that purchase will go towards a featured cause (read more about our featured causes here.) When you choose the print you LOVE and can't live without, you will add it to your cart, and then be prompted to choose a charity. 

In addition to the 50%, for every purchase you make in the shop, Hazel Berry Design gives 5% of the profits to the Ronald McDonald House Charity! Every purchase gives!

There will be new featured charities each month. AND THE BEST PART is that you can nominate the charity, non-profit, or personal fundraiser that is close to you! So if you have a friend who is trying to adopt, we can help offset their adoption costs together! Or if you have a family member who is in need of financial help to pay off medical expenses or treatments, we can raise money for them together. The cause can be as personal or general as you want it to be. The idea is to pair financial gifts with the blessings God bestows on us in hopes that as we give back into the community in the name of our Lord, he will work in the hearts of these recipients. 

You guys, I am so excited about this opportunity. I hope you are too, and I hope you will join me in celebrating this amazing launch by sharing the NEWS about the #printsthatgive Line. The more people know, the more people can help support these amazing causes we are partnering with. 

Read more about each cause on our Featured Page.