Dear you, Teary-eyed in all your glory.

Dear you, 

Teary-eyed in all your glory. You're having a moment, and thats ok. 

You've been called a cry baby, drama queen, too emotional, and the all time favorite (not) TOO SENSITIVE. yuck.

You roll your eyes when you hear the quote "don't let the world dull your sparkle" (because you picture a meme with honey boo boo in a glitter tutu eating chicken nuggets) but it's true. Don't let the world's opinions on the way GOD MADE YOU dictate if you use your superpower for good or act like it doesn't exist. Because did I forget to mention? Being able to FEEL emotions and express them in your own way is a super power... no matter what spectators say. You aren't weak for feeling the way you feel, in fact you are stronger because of it. Your not "TOO" much of anything. You are just enough. ENOUGH. 

Emotions are weird and tricky and messy. In fact, I would like to just send the word "emotional" on a trip to the Cayman Islands where it can just chill-lax a little. That word can have such a negative connotation to it. Your personal associations with it are uptight, overly sensitive, dramatic, or even a piece-of-work if you will.

I guess you are just one big PIECE OF WORK then. No really... you are totally a piece of work. A piece of God's amazing work. He chooses all kinds of "unqualified" people for big roles, and you are no exception. Emotional in God's book means beautiful, strong, brave, courageous and powerful.


Never thought you'd hear that? Well I never thought I'd say it. Last thing you have is the power to keep those emotions in check! Or so they think.  But what they don't know... (they being the ones who "sweep it under the rug", or the "crying is for sissies" type) is that your sensitivity allows you to tap into power. The same power that Jesus possessed. This power gives you an incredible sense of how to connect and help people, and the will to make what matters happen in your life and in the lives of others. 

It also gives you passion. If the world didn't have emotional people, there would be no passion and so many monumentous moments in this world would never have happened. Your emotional nature is the antidote to the growing epidemic where people believe you have to be HARD to make a name for your self or be successful. Emotions pave the way for big things. Big heavenly rewards. They allow you to give and receive hope and grace, forgive others, use your passion in miraculous ways, take leaps of faith, reach the people hurting, offer compassion and empathy, and live in a way that would make your heavenly father proud. That is the success you should have your heart set on. 

Joey - Why God Why - Turning 30

Being emotional, and owning it, is courageous. You should never hide it or be ashamed of it. Even owning the messy moments where you channel your inner Joey Tribbiani ("WHY GOD WHY")  and you feel like a first class passenger on the hot mess express (we both know you hold the all access pass), you are still the owner of a special, and sometimes intense, super power.  

So tonight when you tuck your baby to sleep, and you can't help but shed a few tears over each beautiful and fleeting moment, and you think to your self "dry it up buttercup!" know that your work is only beginning and that there's never been a more important time to show what you're made of. The beauty has only begun. Really soon that little human will be a rambunctious toddler, and then a moody adolescent, a challenging teenager, a hard-working graduate, and someday a soon to be husband. And when you find your self tear-filled from the over-joyed moments and the challenging moments, remember that your showing your superpower. Don't let it get the best of you. Use it to give your best. 


Teary-eyed, you.

P.S. Invest in some waterproof mascara.