Dear you, exhausted marvelous you.

Dear you,

Exhausted marvelous you. You haven't showered, finished a single cup of coffee, or even thought about what life looks like outside of the chaos that filled your morning. 

You smell like spit up and old coffee. Nap time feels like it snuck by and it's all you can do to wait patiently for the next golden hour you might get to finish that cold cup of coffee. No, you should definitely take a shower. No, food is important, eat something! No, you should try to answer your emails or pay some bills. Wait a second, have you even peed today? You should probably reply to your friends text...From 5 days ago. At least find the time to type "send help". Or, "send wine". 

Finally the baby is sleeping, so you know the drill - NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS. Then the dog starts barking because she saw a leaf move outside. 😁 Lawd, I'm gonna kill that dog if she wakes the baby. 

Sanity starts to fill the brain tank back to normal levels and as its filling back up, its time for a pep talk... and maybe a scroll through Facebook. (After all you need to know if there is something crazy going on with Donald Trump so you can laugh about how he reminds you of your old boss who left his filter back in 2002 and then worry about him running our country.) #yikes

Anyways, Do you know how gorgeous you are with your messy bun (and I do mean messy because a tiny human has been tugging at it all day), sweat pants, and interesting aroma? Probably not. Your not seeing it. I get it. It's hard to see the beauty of a diamond when it's under pressure (or covered in bodily fluids). But it's there and regardless of how many days is been since you've showered, it's always there. Kinda like God. You may not have the time to sit down with a pretty journal and your bible, experience God, take a photo for Instagram because you need the world to know that you haven't lost your self, BUT God gets it. He knows your life may not fit into the schedule that it once did, but if your heart is open to receive his grace when your baby won't stop screaming, or your hair won't lay flat, or when you just. can't. keep. it. together.  Then you might be experiencing God more closely than those women who have a perfectly styled photo, with their pretty journal, delicious donut, fresh cup of coffee (oh my word- I'm so hungry) and stillness. They have nothing on your crazy beautiful, messy, under or maybe over-caffeinated life.  

So saddle up. Just open the prayer tunnel between you and heaven and tell God how your doing today. Because your worth that moment to him. You were chosen for this life because you can handle it. Your heart will be challenged by every emotion, every thought, every moment. But hold tight to the only constant that is our lord. And the fact that your gorgeous baby will tire eventually. 👍🏻 


Exhausted Marvelous You