HBDC Brands: Moss Floral Design

When I was approached by Adri from Moss Floral Design to do some design work for her, I don' think either of us knew how our professional ambitions would intertwine. Adri was looking for a clean, fresh updated brand with collateral and I have always dreamed about working with a floral designer. 

I've always said that if I had to go back and choose another profession that was not graphic design, I would want to be in floral design. I have always loved and appreciated the skills that it takes to put such detail in an intricate arrangement. So when I had the opportunity to design for one, that was basically the next best thing! Especially when my client is Adri. She was a blast to work with and I think we are both extremely pleased with how the brand turned out. Check it out!

Notes from Adri:

I own a floral design business that specializes in wedding and event design.  I have been in business for three years, and truly love incorporating my love of flowers with my clients' ideas!  

I knew that I wanted my business brand to evoke a certain feeling/emotion/aesthetic with potential clients.  When I thought about my business, I wasn't sure exactly "who we were" or what our niche was.  So it was at that point when I knew that I needed to seek professional services about how to best brand my business.

Even though Hazel Berry Design Co. is not located in Texas (where I reside), Jillian kept in very close contact with me on when our start date would be and how things were progressing.  She provided a timeline, which put me at ease.  I knew that I could trust her to do the job she said she would, and she exceeded my expectations! She was open to any questions I had and was quick to respond!

My favorite part of working with Hazel Berry Design Co. was receiving my brand inspiration board.  I was so exciting to see an expert in the field use her design expertise to create a brand aesthetic for my company! My new brand has a southern feel yet very modern.   It incorporates flowers/foliage in a tasteful/modern way.  The font is also very versatile!


Front of Booklet 


Back of Booklet

Inside View of Booklet

Jillian is so great to work with--I would recommend her to anyone!  She is very prompt, clear, and explicit about the services she offers and where she is in the design process.  

I appreciate Adri so much for trusting me with her brand and booklet. Don't you love these brand photos of her work too?! They were done by Heather Hawkins and Ronnie Haslett. Seeing it all come together perfectly is always incredibly rewarding. A client who cares so deeply about their brand and business is ideal to a designer which made this a wonderful branding experience. 

What do you think of the Moss Floral Designs new brand?