HBP Brands: Alyssa Martin Photography

Ah, I love a good brand reveal on a Monday. Don't you? Today I am sharing the brand design I did for Alyssa Martin Photography! Alyssa Contacted me a few month's ago about helping reconstruct her brand into what she had always wanted it to be, and creating an esthetic that matched the values of her business. Of course I was immediately on board, but after meeting Alyssa and getting to know her, I felt even more confident in working together. She has a huge heart and big dreams that inspired me just through video chat. She is also the founder of Glow: Live as Light.... which I greatly love and admire. 

Working with Alyssa was a greta experience, and I am grateful that a friendship with her blossomed from it. All I did was the branding, and the rest (collateral, website, brand photos, etc.) were all her! I will let Alyssa Take the floor now and express her feelings on the process and introduce her NEW brand! 

Describe your business.

Alyssa Martin Photography is a wedding and lifestyle photography business. My goal is to capture your unique story in a way that is timeless and unforgettable, highlighting beautiful moments and to cherish for a lifetime. Photography has always been my passion and I fell in love with weddings after planning my own and realizing what a special story there is to tell with each couple. We are based out of Dallas/Fort Worth, but we love to travel. We are passionate about getting to know our couples and our goal is to make the client experience seamless, enjoyable and fun!

What was the deciding factor (or the turning point) in your business that you knew you needed professional branding?

Last fall I realized my business needed a new professional brand in order to attract my ideal clients - brides. My business was growing, but I didn't have a brand that I was proud of or wanted to showcase to others. Looking back, I didn't have much of a brand at all! My business did not accurately reflect the professionalism I want my business to stand for. I decided that establishing a unique and professional brand would set my business apart and allow it to grow in the direction I desire.

How would you describe your branding experience with Hazel Berry Design Co.?

Jillian was AMAZING and I can honestly say that she has become a friend through the process. I was nervous about putting my business that I had worked so hard for in the hands of someone else, but Jillian put my nerves at ease and answered every little detailed question I threw her way. She was on target with my vision for AMP and created a brand that I am proud of and excited to display! It represents "me" in every way and reflects the three qualities I cared about from the start: clean, timeless and professional.

What was your favorite part of the experience? What was the most surprising part of the experience?

I really enjoyed finalizing the colors and logo. This was always the hard part for me to envision because I couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted or what direction to take. This is where Jillian used her creativity and talent to design something I love and fits my business perfectly. I love how the logo, colors and patterns are versatile and allow for my brand to look it's best in every context.

How does the new esthetic of your brand make you feel? How do you want other to feel when they are introduced to your brand?

My brand makes me feel professional and like I have something special to offer. I'm excited to finally have a face for my business that accurately reflects and represents the product and services I sell. I hope others feel a sense of comfort, professionalism, authenticity and trust.

A note from Alyssa:

I would recommend Hazel Berry Design Co. to anybody! She listened to my thoughts and vision for my business and effectively applied her talent and creativity to produce the brand my business has been looking for. Jillian went above and beyond what she was contracted to do, making it obvious that she genuinely cares about the success of my business. I am so thankful to have worked with Jillian and I'm even more thankful to find a new friend in the process! 

You can connect with Alyssa here:

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I am excited to show you THREE more brands that I have had the please of working on this year very soon. Branding has been so fun this year and working with all the clients has been a pleasure... but I am also excited to take some time off to spend getting ready for our little boy!! 

What was your favorite part about Alyssa Martin Photo's new brand? Color? Fonts? I'd love to hear your feedback!