7 Faith building creatives that I follow

Social media can either be my favorite place or the place I avoid. It can either inspire me and uplift my faith, or crush my spirit on a daily basis. Over the past year I have selectively chosen who I will and won't follow for one reason or another. It took a little while to realize the concept of quality over quantity on Instagram in particular. I used to follow everyone and their mother just to keep up with what was going on in the world.... but following fewer people allowed me to really appreciate the ladies below who post such thought provoking posts full of honestly and raw moments in life which is what I think God would want from such a worldly platform. As you read through each person, go ahead and follow them if you don't already.  They inspire me daily and I hope they will inspire you too. 

Kristin Schmucker (@KristinSchmucker) - Kristin fills my feed with beautiful shots of her products and her life. As she is a mother, I love reading about her perspective on parenting, living a busy life, and building others up through her own faith and scripture. 




Amy Webber (@SincerelyAmyDesigns) - Amy emailed me months ago basically just saying hi. Through email we have talked non-stop since and I absolutely adore her personality and talent. As a calligrapher, she shares such beautiful snapshots of her work that you can feel the connection to her faith. She was one that fell into my path and I am so grateful. I will be collaborating with Amy this year and I can't wait to share what she has been working on for me!



Lara Casey (@LaraCasey) - Finding Lara's blog 3 years ago changes my life and complete outlook on my dwindling faith. Her testimony in her walk with God and her marriage touch my heart in so many ways. Not to mention her shop is full of bright colors and Jesus... both of which I greatly adore. :)



Amanda Knight (@TheCreativePorcupine) - I have been following Amanda for a while, but recently met her face to face at the Gather workshop last year. She is a rare gem. Amanda is so open about her life and her passion of cultivating joy that HER joy is contagious. I resonate a lot with her story and personality and sometimes I feel like her posts are describing myself. I look up to her in a lot of ways and APPLAUD her for doing what she does and being so authentic. 



Ashlee Proffitt (@AshleeProfitt) - Ashlee shares so much about design, faith, parenting and owning a business. All of which I think about on a daily basis. Her posts are not only gorgeous and full of light, but so very gracefully honest. Another great woman to follow!




Shay Cochrane (@shaycochrane) - As a woman with some mad photography and business skills, I love following her. Her posts on real life moments capture me and often make me smile. She, along with many other women, make operating a creative business from home and being a mom look not so scary and intimidating-- which I can appreciate! I also enjoy her blog posts and newsletters and how straight to the point honest they are. One of her most recent newsletters motivated some much needed organization in my business. Plus her daughters are too cute for words and her style sense is on point.


Lauren Hooker (@LaurenElizHook) - Not only is Lauren such a great resource for my business, but she is always a long-lasting friend. She probably posts the less about her day to day life than the other women, but the way she carries her self with such class and grace, says a lot to me about the person she is. For her heart alone, she is worth following... oh and did I mention she is a crazy talented brand/website designer?

Didn't I tell you they were amazing? I have a following post coming up about How to Know When to Unfollow Someone on Instagram, which I think will hit home with you all too. 

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