The Kindness Calendar

Join me in welcoming the newest addition to the Hazel Berry Design Shop...

The Kindness Calendar

The Kindness Calendar is a 2016 monthly calendar that encourages you to infuse acts of kindness into your monthly appointments. Each month has a focus (Ex: January is Be Encouraging) and examples of how you can use that focus to spread kindness. 

Why is this an important product? I have asked myself that question numerous times throughout the past few weeks. I've seen so many GORGEOUS 2016 calendars out there and I am a total sucker for a pretty planning products... but thats not why I am putting The Kindness Calendar on the market. 

One of the biggest motivating reasons to move forward with this project is to do more good in the world for other people. And by being a living example of kindness, I want my son to learn those behaviors. They say that when you have kids it changes your outlook on life. You want to be better for them, and even though I would consider myself a good person, I want to be more like Jesus for him. I want him not just to learn about Jesus in sunday school but also through our actions. With all of the tragic events that have taken place lately, (some in my hometown Chattanooga, Paris, etc.) more than ever I am thinking about a Grey's Anatomy quote that eased the worries in my heart about bringing up a child in this broken world. There is a lot we cannot control about the way the world is, but "the way the world changes is good people raise their babies right." That's my mission with my little one. 

Another reason for this calendar is to show people Jesus without pushing a bible or scripture on them. I am not discounting how powerful the word of God is, but I do have quite a few people in my life that do not know the Lord the way that I do. They have a bad taste in their mouth by observing "God's people" do ungodly things, and it turns them off completely to the idea of having a relationship with God. Honestly, I don't blame them, but what we ALL need to understand is that God is separate. He is our almighty, powerful savior who sent his son to die for us to save us of our sins. Being a Christian isn't about being God, it's about accepting his love and sharing it with others. I believe that people can get to know God without hearing a word of scripture, and that is what this calendar is set out to do.

And lastly, but most certainly not least, I need to remind myself of the importance of these acts of kindness. If you are anything like me, you are busy busy busy. Between designing, diaper changing, and keeping up with daily responsibilities, I can be a little all over the place. So as horrible as it sounds, I schedule a lot of things to make sure I do them... even the little stuff like shower (hello motherhood!). Acts of kindness and a calendar seems like a good marriage of positive motivation to make time for the good stuff. So if you're into that sort of thing (and love a good planning product) then this is for you. 

The months and focuses are:

January: Be Encouraging

February: Be Loving

March: Be Supportive

April: Be Complimentary

May: Be Giving

June: Be Thoughtful

July: Be a Servant

August: Be Patient

September:  Be Bold

October: Be Hospitable

November: Be Grateful

December: Be You

See below for a detailed example of the pages. 


PRE-ORDERS start tomorrow for a ship date of Dec. 4th.