Gratitude Sale


Hello lovely people. Today is a good day. Baby is at grandma's (miss him like crazy!) and I am hard at work over here trying to roll out the new product for the shop. More news on that soon! But for now, it's time to say thank you to all of you for your support of my shop.

I was watching Shark Tank the other day (which is when all of my business revelations happen, haha!) and felt overwhelmed by how much passion fills my heart for this shop. Wanting to grow it, reach more people and walk alongside them in this journey. I felt a spiritual kick in the pants, if you will, to stop talking about all the things I wanted to do and just do them. I feel like my brain is constantly overloaded with inspiration quotes from the people I follow on social media to pinterest. Although thats a wonderful thing, I start to get numb to the true meanings and convictions to act on the motivation they give me. But the other day I said, "I'm doing this. I am taking this one Idea (of so many...good and bad - starting with one at a time is less overwhelming) and I am making it happen. The worst that can happen is people will say no, and I'll be embarrassed." All things that I have survived before. So.... I hit send, and here we are.

Today Hazel Berry Design and 8 other shops are coming together to say THANK YOU to all of our customers in the form of a multi-shop sale. You can get 20-25% off at each shop, and 20% in ours! This discount is better than most I give out and if you plan to buy in bulk for your girlfriends or small groups for Christmas, I say now is the time to do that! 

I want to be clear of why all the shops involved are all doing this. This is the season of gratitude and the timing is perfect for a sale, but more importantly you all need to know that we are so grateful for what you give us everyday. Each purchase you make delights us in a way that is indescribable. Your support allows us to pursue our dreams of making, creating, and growing. For me personally, It allowed me to get out of the corporate world so that I could pursue a passion for sharing the gospel through faith based gifts. I gave up many things, the biggest being financial security, but I gained so much more in return. A connection with all of you, and a deeper relationship with Christ. And even though It was me who made that decision upon a calling, YOU play a huge role in my story and I am so grateful you are apart of it. Working from home, allows me to be with my precious little boy more than I ever thought I could be as someone who always wanted to work as a mom. I get to be there for all the cute things he does during the day and after him spending a full month in the NICU after birth, that to me is the greatest gift!!! So I will say it again and every day... Thank you!

Use code "THANKS2U" in the shop to get 20% off in our shop today - Thursday.

The other shops participating are...

Little Mae Sunshine

Angela Davidson Design

Miss Thistle Shop

By Erin Creative Co.

Intentionally Designed

Bella Carta Boutique

Allisa Jacobs

Earth Cookie Creates

Be sure to check our all the shops and get some christmas shopping done! Have a wonderful day!