Confessions of a business Owner + favorites: Dymo Labelwriter 4xl

I am just going to go ahead and ruin the story and say that I officially love this printer. But it didn't start out as love. We had a tragic few days together, but now all is well. Here is an account of my last 5 days since the DYMO Labelwriter arrived at my door step. 

image via Instagram

image via Instagram

Day 1: You would have thought someone has delivered GOLD to my door step. It was like Christmas in... well, January. You see, a few days prior I ran out of tape while shipping products. I had been printing each Etsy shipping labels on computer paper, cutting them out and taping them to the package. It took forever, and it was actually pretty costly (tape is expensive.) So I knew that it was time to streamline and save my self some time here. I immediately bought the highly recommended DYMO Label Writer 4XL. I found it the cheapest on Amazon, and PRIME y'all. SOLD. I got the complete package with an extra set of labels for under $200 shipped. Everywhere else I looked was giving me $250 and such. So back to delivery day... I was so excited to say the least. 

I immediately opened it up and started to set up and install on my computer. My husband was on standby because lets face it, He will either need to calm me down from frustration or take over with his ridiculously tech savvy ways. (I really don't know how he does it. He can just touch something and it start working.) Needless to say he was needed sooner than later. Here are the problems I encountered from start to finish. 

Problem #1: I installed the software using the disc that came with the package. For some reason, after following the directions precisely, it would never download successfully. When I went to see if it would let me open the application, it said something about "could not connect with your printer. please re-install your printer driver." WHAT?! Ok, so we uninstall and reinstall. Still the same problem. So Zack tries to troubleshoot by adding the printer manually. Keep in mind, I am operating on a Mac OSX 10.8. -- He went to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners > "+" to add a new printer, and added all the necessary info. We tried printing another label, no luck. So, We gave up on it for the night.

Day 2: I woke up already frustrated with this printer. So I started where I knew how... I restarted my computer. It didn't help anything unfortunately, but worth a shot! So then I looked for every forum or discussion board that I might find helpful. Here are the ones with the most valuable information. 

Etsy Forum   Another Etsy Forum

Problem #2: I tried some different settings in Print Setup, wasted countless labels and valuable time. And although I was still at a loss of how to make this printer function correctly, I did go from it not printing at all, to it printing 1/10 of the label and not centered. Here is what I was getting...

So after 3 hours of messing with the settings over and over and no more progress. So before I stopped for the day, I sent in a customer service request telling them my problem in hopes the DYMO company could help me. 

Day 3-5: It's the weekend y'all. I can't deal with this craziness.

Day 6: Monday was good. I woke up feeling motivated and energized. I had also decided I would give this printer one more shot before I pack it up and send it back. After all, this far I had wasted more time and money than it seemed to be worth. I check my email to find a response from the DYMO Customer Service team and their information was NOT for a Mac when I specifically stated I wasn't working on a PC. (shake my head) SO.. Let's back up and try this again... I went straight to the website to look for any other info I had missed. Some how I stubble upon a Software Downloads page. I find the software that matched up with the printer I purchased (DYMO LabelWriter 4xl) and my operating system (Mac OSX 10.8). The next few steps are what solved the whole problem... 

• I uninstalled the software that came with the printer in the form of a disc.

• I clicked on the correct software and downloaded it. It all looked similar to the disc software, except at the end it said "Installed successfully!" THANK YOU JESUS. I hadn't seen that before so I knew things were happening now!

• I went back to the System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > and added the Dymo printer with the special page size "4x6".

• I opened up a label I had saved on my desktop that was already in the 4x6 format. I went to Print Setup and made sure the label was set to print at the correct size (4x6), and was at 88%. I read somewhere that was helpful on fitting the full label on the sticker. Once I did all those things, I opened the print dialog box and it printed PERFECTLY.

I swear I heard angels sing. I was so happy. I proceeded to print up some labels for some recent orders and I was able to package up and ship several orders in record time. I came to the conclusion that it was definitely worth the investment, but I will say that I wish there were more resources to fix the disc software issue. Other than that, I highly recommend. 

If you are on the fence about purchasing this to save your self some time with shipping labels, I say get it! And I hope you find this post helpful in your decision making.