Why it's ok to get emotional about your business (and how it makes you better at what you do.)

I've always been an emotional person. The first one to cry or get their feelings hurt, and so on. It's often viewed as a burden to my self and to others, but I am here to tell you that it's not. It's ok to feel your feelings sometimes. You are entitled to feel how ever you want. Our response in how we deal with our feelings is where maturity comes in, which is something we all need to grasp when we start a passion-filled journey. When working at my first job right out of college, it was a "you need to toughen up" environment. I was being taught to let things roll off my back and move on and not let my emotions get the best of me when someone's opinion didn't match up with mine, or not be offended when there was a dirty joke or profanity thrown about (really..not a single filter). Although, my situation was a little "off" (yeah, let's just say off), I still believe that's a valuable skill to acquire- to not let the surroundings get to you. To keep working hard and doing your best despite what critics might say. I believe learning that skill has shaped me into a better designer, friend and wife. But I also want to make sure that I don't lose who I am (and who I was created to be) in this business.

I started my business because I had a passion to help people with my talents and serve God, therefore, the basis of my business is emotional. I was once told- as a woman who feels like sometimes she has more emotions that she does pairs of shoes (that's a lot)- that it's important to recognize that emotions are a beautiful thing, and if that describes your character than that is something beautiful about you that will make you stand apart. Being able to feel is sometimes a skill as often as being able to disconnect. But where is the happy balance between the two?

Only you can know what your balance is in your line of work. As for me, I am proud of how I am able to utilize my emotional side to make my business more fulfilling. It allows me to connect, be extra grateful, and soak up each moment before it passes. It allows me to truly help people, get involved, and love people who I have never met in person. It gives me the opportunity to dig a little deeper into my clients core goals and what they are wanting to accomplish. It also means that sometimes I work too much, and get stressed out. Sometimes it even means I can't sleep because I am too amped, or upset about something. But if we can't feel our experiences then how to we learn and grow from them?

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that I don't have to disconnect sometimes. Sure, My business means a lot to me, but it is never more important than my faith and family. Enter BOUNDARY. I also know the opposite side, where in your line of work it may be necessary to disconnect from the emotion to do your job well and preserve your well-being, such as nursing. But just never forget who God created you to be. Never feel like a trait, such as "emotional", is something to suppress or feel like it needs to be hidden. Feelings are hard. The more you have the harder it gets. But God only gives us what we can handle, so if you feel like there's a lot on your shoulders? That just means you are putting your superwoman costume on a little early this year. :)

Emotion stems from passion. Passion gives us drive to accomplish our goals. And when we are able to reach the goals that align with glorifying God... We are one step closer to our promise land. AND THAT IS THE GOOD STUFF.