HBP Monthly: October 2014

October Printables are here!!! It is officially Fall, and I couldn't be happier. The days where the windows are open and I can enjoy some pumpkin everything, are my favorite. I hope this month brings you all refreshment and motivation to really make the rest of this year count! If you follow along on the newsletter, I hope you took my advice on trying something new, that will refresh and excite you. I am so guilty of being a slave to my work ethic. It makes me feel empowered and proud of myself, but then it also breaks me down. I get exhausted, sick, and stop taking care of my self. Balance is much easier said than done. So that is why I imposed the challenge of trying something new to give your self a break. With a new product launch, massive wholesale order and life in general, I didn't have a whole lot of time to devote to learning something new. So, this past month, my "something new" was working out in the afternoons (baby steps). I used to work out in the mornings, because that way it didn't interrupt my day. I would work 7am-5 or 6pm with very little breaks. Although my schedule stays similar to that, I now have afternoon gym visits. It gets me away from my computer, I can release some stress, and quite honestly I work out so much harder than I had been in the mornings. 

I am starting to think about October, and what I could do to keep from getting burnt out. We have a beach trip planned, so I am sure that will help!! What are your plans for October? I would love to know your remedy for a burnt out, work-a-holic like myself! 


Also, I can go without mentioning that there will be an announcement tomorrow! To be the first to hear, follow along on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!