Sometimes it's better not knowing what you're doing

Yep I said it, and I'll say it again. Sometimes it's just better not knowing what you are doing. Say what? I know. We are always told that we must have things figured out to get somewhere in life. We must do this before we do that. Or unless you do this a certain way, you will never get to accomplish this. Must. Have. Plans.

While some of those phrases are applicable to real life, I believe they aren't always valid advice for dream chasers. I know I sound crazy right now... bear with me.

I am not saying to not plan. We do need a plan. God takes care of us, but he also is like "girl, don't be stupid." Maybe in your head he doesn't sound like your bestie, but just go with it.

Ever since I started running my business, I think just about every week, I have said out loud in an empty room, "I have no idea what I am doing". Even after meeting with an accountant... "You just said so many words that I didn't even know existed. I have no idea what I am doing"...or while trying to figure out production, sales tax, yada yada, "What the heck does this mean?! I am so lost." Any one else in the same boat? WHEW, Glad I'm not alone. 

I believe we are called to be smart when it comes to planning for our future and making smart decisions for ourselves, but I also believe that sometimes, God wants us to be clueless. Why? Because then we seek his guidance. We lower the wall we build when we think we can do this life on our own (we totally can't), and we ask for help from the one who knows it all. Thats what it's all about, isn't it?

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I love the phrase, "fake it until you make it". Probably the best advice I've ever been given, but if I could rewrite that phrase I might say instead, "Fake it until God gives you guidance you've been looking for, and you've got no choice but to make it." So I am here to deliver the good news to you on this Monday. It's ok if you don't know what you are doing, because God's got our back. He knows what HE is doing so all we have to do is follow his path for us. Easy... heck no! But it is most certainly freeing.

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