Road trip essentials

Zack and I are in beach house heaven right now! We are doing our best to soak up the very last bit of summery, warm weather. We live close enough to drive to the beach, which is nice, but I am not a fan of really long car rides. I've always envied people who love road trips. I, myself, love the idea of them but hate driving or riding in the car that long. So I have come up with just a few things that I find necessary for when we venture out on the long open road. 

1 // Starbucks coffee tumbler - This thing is incredible. My husband got it for me as a gift a while ago, and I have to use it every day. Your probably thinking, "it's just a coffee mug", but this lovely invention keeps my coffee hot literally all day long. I can fill it up at 7am, and if I keep the lid closed when I am not drinking it, it will still be warm in the late afternoon. That is worth shouting on the roof tops people! 

2 // Sour Patch Kids - I mean, come on. 

3 // A Killer Playlist - Luckily my husband has a gazillion songs on his iPod. Most of which I can't stand, but it is still fun to put on shuffle and just go with it. You never know what's going to come on next.

4 // Magazines - I don't read magazines at home much, so I like to save them up so I can catch up on long car rides. 

5 // Water Tumbler - Any one else get dehydrated on road trips? I mean from all the coffee and SPK you know I will be. 

6 // Notebooks - I do a lot of thinking on the road, so I need a notebook handy incase inspiration strikes! 

7 // Hair Ties - My hair usually starts out curled and cute, and ends up in a bun on the top of my head. These are a must, to go with all of those bobby pins I leave everywhere. See hunny, there is method behind my madness!

8 // Cozy Blanket - It doesn't matter if it's 90 degrees outside. We've got the air on high and you bet i'll be wrapped up all cozy in this thing. It brings comfort of home into the car with me. 

9 // Vera Bradley Duffel - I take this everywhere. I think the pattern is discontinued now, but it is my all time favorite travel companion. I am always surprised of how much stuff will fit into it.

10 // Leopard Neck Pillow - Not just any pillow, but a leopard one. It's so awesome, even Stella loves to cozy* up on it. 


Wish us luck on the trip! To follow along on our beach adventure, follow me on Instagram.