October Goals

October is one of my FAVORITE months! We almost got married in October (decided it was too far away!), the weather is cool and crisp, and fall fashion just makes my heart sing! Bring on the cardigans! 

This month I am going to try something new and share a few of my goals with you. It makes me a tad nervous to put it all out there, because what if I don't accomplish all of it? Well, I will trust that you will give me grace and not hold it against me for not checking everything off my list. Here is my mood board for October. Some images have significance, and some don't, but all of them just make me feel good and energize me. 

October Goals

• Launch the Humbled Hearts Daybook.

• Photo shoot with Ashley Hodges Photography for the Daybook!

• Attend "Women Mean Business" Luncheon - It's time I put my self out there a little more! I absolutely LOVE that my city host events like this, and supports local businesses like my own. 

• Family photo shoot - Time to take some Christmas card shots! 

• Set a workout schedule and stick to it - I am SO bad at this. I am naturally a lazy person, so being active is a challenge on some days! I've been trying to workout in the morning , because I really love the idea of waking up early and working out. BUT I am just not sure if that works for me. I tend to work out harder in the afternoons, if I can talk myself into going. So my goal is to figure that out. 

• Take my blood sugar at least 4 times a day - Did you know I was a type 1 diabetic? Surprise! I get so busy during the day that some times I forget to check my blood sugar. (I know that is breaking the rules, but if you or someone you know lives with this disease, you understand!) I want to be healthy and I want to take care of myself better. 

• Reach out to 3 people I don't talk to often, and pray for them on the spot. - Ever so often I like to reach out to friends who may need prayer. It usually catches them off guard, when I ask, but I think it is refreshing. I am guilty of just reaching out to people if I need something, so just saying "What can I pray for you today" is a good change. 

• Read a new book. -  Which one you ask? I am open to suggestions!

• Go out on a DATE with my husband. - We are so bad about staying home all the time. We are both totally content watching Netflix together on a Friday night, but when we do go out? It's like we turn into these fun, energetic people! I like those people. I think I might take them to a concert soon. :)

• Vacation somewhere. - Got this covered. T minus 5 Days!

• Meet with the Accountant. - ek.

• NOT eat too many of these a day.

Cheer's to a FULL October!