Letting Go: clothes

Are you singing it? You should be.. because I am! The movie Frozen can be related to life in so many ways. Let It Go could possibly be the best life advice ever given. Right now, I am on a purge mission to let go of clothes I don't wear anymore. I've held on to some clothes wayyy too long. 

Via Etsy

Via Etsy

I will admit that I have an unbelievable amount. The worst part? Most of them don't fit anymore, and I definitely don't wear half of them. If I do fit into them again someday, I guarantee I will not want to wear plaid shorts from 2005. Ya feel me? They don't even serve a purpose. They actually make choosing my outfit for the day, so much more difficult. I have already made a mess just by sorting through a ton of stuff that I don't wear, just to find a shirt to work out in. Crazy, right ?!  

So, I am turning over a new leaf this month (see what I did there? New season.. get it?!) and I am purging the clothes I don't wear/need anymore. They clutter my life and my closet, and who needs either of those! Simplify, simplify, simplify. I encourage you to do the same, because as much as we all want to hold onto those high school jeans, they are just wack.. and so is continuing to give them a home. Embrace what size you are today, and the clothes you wear on a regular basis. Purge those old, not-being-worn digs, and trade them in for a simpler closet/life. :)

Playlist for the closet purge: Miss Movin' On, Let it go, Shake it Off, Break Free, This is how we do, Really don't care.