Blog Planning + freebie

 I have been trying to be better at planning to accomplish things in my business. When I don't, it seems like I stare at Instagram more and waste an incredible amount of time. ( please tell me I a not alone in that!) Some things I have been doing to eliminate wasting time are setting goals for each month, prioritizing to-do lists, and most recently planning blog posts.

Unfortunately, blogging doesn't come natural to me. I am in introvert, but if we are close friends, I tend to over share. Weird combination right? And in my opinion, I think it causes a blogging conflict. I tend to either share "fluff" posts that are just there to take up space, or I share the deepest feelings in my heart... which can sometimes just be emotional ramblings (which I try to save for my darling husband because you know he loves that... HAHA!). Neither of those are horrible, but neither of them feel very productive or authentic to me personality as a biz owner either. All that to say, I am searching for balance. Aren't we all!

My remedy for my all-over-the-place blog, is planning. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" right? I've been using these cute little sheets for the past week and I already feel more one top of things.

The Blog Ideas sheet lets me get out all the ideas that I randomly think in the middle of the day. I can note if it is apart of a series or certain category, and elaborate on it later. It's there to brain dump.

The Blog Planner sheet is the next step in the process. It let's you schedule the post, elaborate on the topic a little more, and list the todos for making it live. I already have full sheets for both! I am excited to be a bit more organized on the blogging front, and using it to better my business and sharing my love for Christ!


Download Blog Planner & Blog Ideas

I hope you find these printables helpful in planning your blog. Good luck & happy Friday!