Home inspiration : Living area

There is something about this new season making it's way in that makes me want to redecorate everything. Not a complete over haul, but I am a rearranging fool, and this has just given me the itch! I really want to take my time making our space accommodating to our lifestyle. When we moved into our house, I was in a hurry to get things looking "homey". We painted the bedrooms, but skipped on the main living spaces. One thing that I keep going back to for style? My Hazel Berry Paper inspiration board!


 I love looking on Pinterest and following home decor people on Instagram. I don't think I can pinpoint one "style", but I would say that a combination of...

craftsman - cottage chic - contemporary - traditional - coastal

Kind of all over the place right? Yeah, my husband think so too! For now, I will just stick to inspiration for now! Here are a few of my favorite Instagram accounts for home decor right now.

Check them out!