The high notes

This week has been pretty taxing. I almost typed horrible just then… but rewind. Horrible would mean nothing good really happened, and that's not true! I mean look around! We are surrounded by bright whites and pops of color on a pretty spectacular website, if I do say so myself :). Life can't be all that bad right?

Well..I've have a lot of NOs this week, A LOT of challenges that seem impossible to get through. Pretty sure I've met the tear quota for month, and we are one week in. It seems like when it rains it pours and when it all hits me, it paralyzes me and I pause my life. I would love to sit here and tell a story of this strong woman who just picks herself right up and moves on to do wonderful things with her time instead of sitting around wallowing in her self pity…. but I don't want to lie to you. I am not always strong, hopeful, humble, or faithful that God will lead me through the hard parts. I get pretty selfish and mad because I am trying to get somewhere, when in actuality I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

In the middle of a breakdown, my husband says "Let's pray about it."

"I don't want to pray about it, I am so mad! Why isn't this working.. I was so sure it was God's plan."

And because he is obnoxiously perfect :), he replies with "then I will pray", and he continues to pray out loud for me and my heart.

If you have EVER have someone in your life who legitimately prays for you and what is in your heart… you should hug them. Hug them bear-like because that is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive. HE is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received.

It's better than success--It's better than easy--It's better than getting what you "think" you should get. Whoever it is, friends, acquaintances, family, or spouses--It's a genuine, unselfish love when someone prays for you.

Because I can't end this post being too sad or sappy, I will end it with my high notes for this week. 

No 1. - OBVIOUSLY,  This awesome WEBSITE that gives me the warm and fuzzies and feels like home!

No 2. - Z surprised me with a bottle of my favorite wine on Tuesday. My heart beats for you babe. 

No 3. - One of my loveliest friends sends me a picture of her coke can that says "share a coke with a Go-getter" and that it reminded her of me. :) Love you Kacie, my fellow go-getter! 

No 4. - I have emailed two other artists this week and our conversations have really blessed me. It's always nice to know people who get your process and your dreams.

No 5. I posted on FB about photoshopping the wrinkles out of my shirt and maybe needing to add ironing into my not-so-domestic lifestyle…. and I received tips and a couple of pins of some wrinkle release options!! Score!


In the middle of all the no's I found a couple of yes's. Chances are you will too. Have a great weekend!