A Brand Evolution: Hazel Berry Paper

It takes time when developing a brand. Time to really figure out what is a beautiful representation of you and your business. When searching for examples and ideas of what you want, you will fall in love with things that aren't necessarily your style, but you still are drawn to it and like it. To me that is such a a profound realization. When you recognize what does and doesn't fit into the brand you are creating, you will feel a sense of clarity, and maybe relief, that you don't have to incorporate all the things that give you the warm and fuzzies. 

Working with a branding professional really helps to narrow in on what you are trying to accomplish with your brand esthetic. Total shameless plug alert.. Get in touch with me if you are thinking you need assistance with your brand, I would love to help build your brand and tell your story.


All that to say, We all start somewhere. When you "brand yourself" or even if someone does it for you, you go through many versions of your brand as it evolves. In my case it started with hand lettering (not showing you that monstrosity), then a collection of fonts with colors I enjoyed (see examples above). And now? Now there is something that is a glimpse at what makes my heart so darn happy. It fills me with joy, peace, drive, and passion to see a compilation of all the things that make my heart sing and inspire me on a daily basis. I really, really wanted to share that with you today. So without further ado, meet Hazel Berry Paper refined