Shop Updates

This holiday season has been so unlike all the rest. We have been busier than I ever imagined, but in the midst of the busy, there is also so much peace. You ever feel that way? Like your in the center of a tornado where it is almost weirdly calm. Never been in the middle of a tornado, but I hear it is very still.  

Although, I feel a sense of calmness, I am craving more. I noted the shop Holiday Hours a few posts back, and since then I have planned out how I want to improve my business for 2015. One of those improvements is allowing more time to focus on growth and ideas. When working in corporate america I longed for the flexibility to make my own schedule. Well, here I am right smack dab in the middle of spending my days how I want them and I still feel rushed. It's poor time management on my part, so I will be taking some unexpected time off before Christmas to organize HBP for 2015-- and catch some extra Zzz's.

I will still be blogging, instagram-ing, and posting on facebook. In fact, I will be sharing some changes happening (all good stuff!) in the new year very soon. The only thing that is changing that you didn't expect is that starting tomorrow the shop will be closed through Christmas to reopen Monday, Dec. 29th.  I think it will be a great time to align all of the goals and dreams I have for 2015. 

Here is a holiday card from our little family to your's in hopes that you experience all the joy possible this Holiday season. 

These haven't gone out in the mail yet, so if you are on our christmas card list act surprised in a couple of days! Also, I gave myself a spoon full of grace and didn't design my own cards this year. It was just going to be too much, so I searched on line for some of my favorite templates. I wished Minted had been in the budget, but Walgreen's came through in the best way! AND they were ready within hours.... WALGREENS FOR THE WIN.

Some other orders of business to discuss:

• The winner if the Blessing Giveaway for December was Marissa! Marissa, Abigail will be in contact with you about customizing your canvases! Thank you to everyone who entered! 

• You guys have almost cleared me out of Humbled Hearts Daybooks! We will be restocking very soon and I hope to introduce some new #HHDAYBOOK companions to you soon. :)