Whats to come for 2015

2014 was a year to remember, but I am determined to make 2015 even better. The year went by so quickly. It's hard to believe that it's even the end of 2014 and Now 87 is out. I owned the first one-- talk about feeling old. Thats really beside the point though. Let's focus on some really exciting things happening in the new year. 

Things to do better...

Blogging - We all have dreams of doing things better next year. Well I am determined to make blogging one of those things. Blogging is not easy for me. I don't always want to open up and when I do feel like writing, I am unorganized with it and overwhelmed. With some worksheets and thought provoking topics to help me stay organized and inspired, I have some great posts and series planned for you including a post collaboration with one of my best friends of over 10 years! You can also count on some regular Daybook posts <-- so excited about this!! My goal is 3 posts per week.

Accounting - This is behind the scenes and won't make a difference to you as a reader, but upping my accounting game is going to help my business tremendously. And I am sure it is going to make my financially-minded family members sleep well at night, ha! 

Recognizing and accounting for potential growth - When I started "Hazel Berry Paper" it was a paper goods etsy shop. It was more of a hobby than anything, and I am really proud of what it has become since putting more effort into it in the beginning of this year. In a lot of ways I never anticipated on being where I am today with HBP, just like I have no idea where this business will be in the next 5 years. So, with hopes to eliminate limitation on that, there will be some changes happening in the start of 2015. They won't affect you too much, but there will be some noticeable adjustments that will change the look around here. Start praying now for a smooth transition!


Things to do differently...

Services - I will be revising the design services I offer for 2015 clients. Most of the design jobs I get are from word of mouth locally, and less from online connections. So that will be a factor when revising the services I offer and who to appeal to. Also, I've been sort of confused on what I want to offer my clients design wise. A whole year of confusion is a lot of wasted time and resources, but that's what it took for me to really define the designer I wanted to be. As of 2015 , services will be changing slightly to accommodate that. 

Social Media - This past year, I got consumed with social media in a negative way. I was always trying to put all my eggs in that basket and not only was it exhausting, but it was defeating. Our worth as people is not measured by followers, likes, or comments, and that was a tough lesson to learn this year. I have taken a step back since and it has been life changing. I am in the moment when the moment happens and I am a much happier human. :) I will continue that mentality in 2015. 


Things to try...

Business Classes - Eeek! I hate saying that out loud, because I am not sure if this will happen yet, but I would like to not always feel like I am a step behind when it comes to running my business. I need guidelines and rules and more know how of the business logistics. So maybe some business classes are in my future. 

Different Products - More than paper? Mugs? iPhone cases? The possibilities are endless.. and it's time to explore a little more. :)

Website shop - You may have noticed that you can buy a HH Daybook here on the website. I tested it out to see how it all worked, and so far it is all about a matter of opinion if I want to set it all up for not. I am not currently leading one direction or another, but it's nice to know there is a possibility. 


Things that will stay the same...

The Business - HB isn't going anywhere, in fact we are just getting started. :)

Etsy - Although there may be a new online shop on this site in the new year, Hazel Berry Paper on Etsy will still be open, promise!


Who else is excited for a clean slate in 2015?!

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