December Goals

Update on November goals: I think I did alright! I made time for the good stuff this past month. I said no to late work nights, yes to dinner dates with friends, came up with friend collaboration (coming in 2015!), Black Friday shopped, and planned time to just love on people. I feel good and hope to carry this attitude into the new year. 



December Goals

• Brainstorm some new Daybook projects-- TOP SECRET stuff for a few months while I get my ducks in a row. 

• Start a new bible study.- Any suggestions? - this was a goal last month and I failed on it. wahh waaaahhhh.

• Brainstorm blog posts for the next few months. - These ideas help tremendously!

• Be smart with buying gifts - I over buy and overspend. I love to give gifts, so I want them to be the most thoughtful and most expensive (which really doesn't matter!). So we established a budget, made a list and intend on sticking to it. Good thing my husband is the financial guru in our marriage! 

• Try a new holiday dessert dish. - I am looking on Pinterest for a good holiday recipe.. any ideas? Something easy-- but looks complicated :).

• Take one full week off of NO WORK. - I thought this might be hard to do at first, but after taking some time off for Thanksgiving, it might be hard to keep it at just one week!! :) I am preparing several new or updated elements of Hazel Berry Paper for 2015 so there is plenty to do. 

• Invest in legit accounting software for HBP. - I am so bad at being organized in this sense. I just hate. numbers. But I have looked at so many different accounting softwares (free-expensive) and have come up with a comprehensive review on each. I will that decision with you soon. 

• Give a revamp on portfolio/services. 

What are your December goals to wrap up 2014?