Gift Guide 2014

Gift giving is my love language. This time of year is always so fun when we put a little more effort into thoughtful gifts. Here are some personable options for you friends and family!

1 // Faithful Scents Candle - $15.00 - Handmade items always add an element of thoughtfulness, and these candles are no exception. Perfect for gifts for your girl friends, or as hostess gifts. 

2 // Ashlee Proffitt iPhone Case - $29.00 - I have a weakness for florals and I love this iPhone case. Not to mention it is not over the top on pattern or price. 

3 // Maybooks Notebook/Planner - $19-22.00 - Perfect for all the paper/stationery lovers out there. Everything down to the pattern, text on the outside, to the inside lines of the book is customizable. Perfect gift for the girls at work!

4 // Humbled Hearts Daybook - $15.00 - Not just a notebook, but not quite a full journal either, the HH Daybook is the perfect combination of a thoughtfully spiritual and a gorgeous gift. As one of my own products, I may be a tad bit biased, but I think this product adds a refreshing take on gift giving. Giving someone a heart warming daybook may make their Christmas that much better. :)

5 // "Be Strong" Mug by ABD - $23.00 - I love the ABD mug collection and this one is the perfect reminder each and every morning. Personalized mugs are always a big hit paired with some assorted coffees and peppermints!

6 // Jesus Calling for Women - $15.99 - I own one of these for my self, and although not expensive, I would say it was the best investment i've ever made. I love little quick devotionals, and this one which is written in a perspective of God speaking to his children, it is a perfect pocket devotional for the everyday. 

7 // Monogrammed Envelope Clutch - $25.95 - I want one! I love the pop of color and monogram. Can't go wrong with getting this for any lady friend in your life. 

8 // Handmade Nameplate Necklace - $18.99 - I love this! I want one for my self (hint hint Mr. D!) It's such a feminine and gorgeous gift for your gorgeous friend. 

What are some others gifts that would be great to give on a budget?