Balancing Work & Rest

There is a time for everything. Sometimes we are forced into a change of pace and sometimes it's up to us to listen to what Jesus is wanting for us.

These past few weeks, I have taken a few days off here and there. It hasn't been consistent, because-- GIRL GOTTA WORK!-- but it has been nice to take a different change of pace instead of GO, GO, GO. Last week I was sick with a virus, and during that time, while taking Stella outside to "do her business" I hurt my back somehow. Great timing... not really. So, I've had to slow down a little bit (luckily, yoga pants were already my uniform).. and although it was somewhat forced, It feels right. The balance between the two and figuring out what we are supposed to be doing is hard to navigate through. For example, Right now is the busiest time of the year for a lot of people. Holidays are coming up and for a lot of small shops like myself, we feel pressure to have a killer marketing plan to sell our products. After all-- The holiday's bring the biggest wave of shoppers in the whole year. The world is telling us, "Be better than your competitor. Beat them to the good ideas and strategies. And sell more than them." Although those aren't completely off base with motivation in business, sometimes it's ok not to be that way. At least that's what I believe I am being called to do right now--It's ok to stand down and let God do the work in your business like he intends to anyway, and in that time of rest for you (work for him), he wants us to build our faith. Watch how God does amazing things in your life without you running ragged. He's been dying to show you his good works if you would just get out of the way. :) <-- Talking to my self there!

Maybe you are being called to take it easy in every aspect of life. Take in every quiet moment and see the beauty in it. 

Maybe you are being called to rest your mind, because you've had a big year and it's time to slow down and give thanks to the one who makes all things possible. 

Maybe you are being called to rest your body, because we neglect it so much when life gets busy. Take care of yourself, and pray over the rejuvenation of your physical health. 

Maybe you are being called to rest your heart, because it takes leaps and jumps and it falls and breaks. Only God can heal those wounds and give us peace. 

Whatever your calling is, I am praying over it-- I hope you will too. It's not easy to change pace when money, passion and drive are involved, but if we fix our eyes on Jesus we will see so clearly which direction to go. Also, a little Jesus Calling for ya today-- perfection!