My current Gratitude page

I get all weird and nervous when I think about sharing whats on the pages of my HH Daybook. Blogging goes against all my natural tendencies of being a somewhat introvert, but I feel called to share my heart, so I will continue to hit "post" and sharing the crazy as along as you will let me. :)



Today I am giving you a peak into my HH Daybook in light of this month and one of my favorite holidays.. THANKSGIVING!

What I've been grateful for this month and a peak into my gratefulness page..


1 // "This life, This path, This job, This faith!" - I am just really grateful for where I am at in life. It's not perfect, easy or even really where I planned to be, but it's good. This season is good for me. 

2 // "My supportive family, friends, and my incredible husband." - The more time I make for these people in my busy schedule, the happier I am. 

3 // "Friends in the biz who encourage me." - Lately I've been so blessed by people who I have never seen their face in person (or maybe just once), but they feel called to reach out and be kind anyway. 

4 // "My Dad's back healing!" - My Dad had back surgery early this month and we were all a little nervous about it. It was a routine surgery, but the doesn't take away from the fear that something bad could happen. Luckily, the outcome of the surgery was really good and he is recovering so well. Continuance of prayers are appreciated. 

5 // "A raise in pay! It feels unreal, but I am so grateful." - Recently I was able to pay my self just a little bit more and it hasn't made much of a difference for us necessarily, but it boosts moral for this girl! It's tough working hard and not getting to pay yourself all that you earn, or not getting paid for all the hours you put into it. But it eventually pays off. 

6 // "Boundaries in both my personal and professional life." - OH LAWD. I've been working on this lately, and establishing boundaries have been freeing. 

7 // "Date nights and reconnecting with my hubby." - We are busy people. Who isn't! But a few weeks ago we said-- Let's go out! WHAT? That never happens. We got all dressed up (I took a shower and put make up on <-- unheard of!) and we enjoy a much needed night out. 

8 // "Stella and her fun - I love you no matter what - personality." - Gosh I love that little girl. No matter what happened that day, she always is the most excited to see me and give me wet puppy kisses. 

9 // "Our family dynamic." - I love how everyone pitches in and helps one another at a moments notice. 

10 // "God always provides for us." - The blessings never cease to amaze me! The more I am led to be still while God works around me, you would think it would be easier--but it's not. It's like I have to re-learn every time how to let go and let God. But, just like the entry prayer in the daybook, we are all a work in progress and I am thankful he never gives up on us!


To take a completely opposite change in subject, I just wanted to remind you that HBP will not be participating in Black Friday Sales, but come cyber monday-- BRING IT ON!! Newer prints will be over 40% off and Daybooks will be 20% off! If you have had your eye on some HBP products the now is the time to snatch them up. Discounts will already be applied so no coupon codes needed!

(UPDATE: To clarify, the cyber monday sale will take over the quantity discount that usually stands for the HH Daybooks. Those coupon codes will be inactive for the day, which is in your favor because you will get an even larger discount on the Daybooks than ever before! Discounts will already be applied -- so now coupon codes needed!)

Also, Small Business Saturday is in a few days and Hazel Berry Paper will be at the Etsy-nooga from 11-4! We would love to see you! 

Happy (day early) Thanksgiving to all of you!