The end of an era

As I grow my business, God has been faithful in guiding my steps. If you are a passionate person like me, you know that we want to do it all! We have good ideas and we want to make them happen.. yesterday! I have tried a lot of different things in my business and have loved all of them for different reasons, and I am sad (but also excited) to say that I will be closing the door on one of them. 

HBP Monthly has been so fun to do. It was an outlet to get fun and crazy with seasonal designs! It was the home of trying new type effects and getting to design all sorts of paper goods and offering them to you all for a low price. I have loved it! Sadly though, I will not be producing HBP monthly printables starting in November of this year. 

Before you get all sad on me, you may see HBP Monthly Printables again someday, but for now it just feels right to say no to something that will give me the time to focus more on other purposeful ideas. If you were a HBP Monthly fan? Sign up for the newsletter! You may be receiving some cute organizational printables in your inbox if you do!

So what am I making time for? The one of the answers is something I am excited to share with you today.  

Do you remember when I posted a giveaway on Instagram a while ago? Well, I wasn't excepting the response it got and how that response changed my idea of a giveaway. 

A little back story-- several months ago, my hubby and I went out to dinner, and as we were looking over the menu, we overheard a conversation at the next table over. Two older women, who looked like a hootin' good time, were ordering their drinks and one of them piped up to say, "I've got her dinner, so bring me the ticket." Her friend replied with, "Oh no, you don't have to do that!" And then the waiter puts his hand on her shoulder and says, "Ma'am, let her get your dinner. Sometimes you just have to let people bless you." 

My husband and I looked at each other like ..WHAT A MOMENT. I pulled out my phone and jotted down that phrase "sometimes you just have to let people bless you" because I knew I wanted to pass that message along, and it was also something I think my heart needed to learn. If anything, I want my business to reflect blessing others. So sure, I am saying no to something that has brought others, and my self, joy, but It's allowing me to say yes to something that I think is more "me". So I want to introduce a monthly giveaway to you all called, "The Blessing Giveaway". Each month, I will come up with two products (one for you, and one for a friend, family member, or someone you think needs to be blessed) and both will be given away to the entry participant, for them to bless someone else with the same gift. You like? Me too!

The giveaway will take place on this blog once a month. The first one was on Instagram, and I loved how easy it was to participate, but I think hosting it on the blog will allow more people to join in on the fun. Stay tuned for November's giveaway!