November Goals

Can I just take a minute to talk about gratitude? Because my mind is BLOWN with all of the gratitude I feel for every single one of you. The outpour of love and support still surprises me in the best way. So thank you. :)

November is going to be a great month, I can feel it. Did you catch the October goals post a month ago? Wondering how that went? Well I'll just tell ya. 

I found that I was super productive when it came to my work. But when it came to taking care of my health, making time for myself, or making time for other people? Complete fail. Not progress.. nada. It really makes me think too.. It was natural to put work above friends. I didn't do anything differently per say, I just did what I usually do. WHAT. A. SHAME.

Image via // Humbled Hearts Daybook 

Image via // Humbled Hearts Daybook 

Just like I say to the TV when housewives are on... "Girl you need to get it together!" I need to make time for people (especially) when it's inconvenient. I need to invest in people, not business. Essentially, that is what I want my business to be all about..investing in people and experiences! And I have completely veered off the path. Maybe comfort has a hand in that, and maybe it's just being too exhausted by working toward the wrong things to be able to focus on the right things. Whatever it may be, it's not working for me anymore. I am missing out on a lot of incredible blessings, by doing things that keep me busy. November goals will reflect that. Here is my November mood board. Three words... Warm and Fuzzy.



• Launch Humbled Hearts Daybook & ship preorders!  - woooooooo! I am stoked about this.

• Celebrate my Momma's birthday with love, flowers & cake!

• Reach out to two friends who I have a distant relationship with. Find a way to serve them. - This needs to be an effort every month/week.

• Work to forgive people who will never apologize. (Hold my self accountable with my HH Daybook) - This is major for me. I need to forgive others so that I can continue to grow in my relationship with Christ. I have begun to challenge my self to this and develop a tool that might help you too. 

• Launch The Blessing Giveaway on the blog. - YAY! Are you a shop that wants to get involved? Shoot me an email!

• Start streamlining accounting processes in my business. - I have begun to test out some new programs. I have always thought of myself as tech-savvy but these programs make me feel like I am learning the Creative suite all over again!

• Start a new bible study.- Any suggestions?

• Try a new recipe. - I love to cook, but always talk my self out of it because.. well.. I get lazy after a work day. Send me your favorite easy recipes! I would love to try them. 

• Create NEW prints for the shop! - 2015 Collection!

• Collaborate with a friend. 

• Develop posts/printables for the HH Daybook. - Yes, you read that correctly! There will be printables provided to help you use utilize your Daybook in the way that works best for you or to serve an an extension. 

• Enjoy thanksgiving with my family. - This sounds like a given right? Not quite. Holidays have always been kind of stressful. There are a million places to go, and you don't want to upset anyone for not being some where at a certain time.. well this year we are putting an end to that unnecessary stress on what is supposed to be a holiday catered to being grateful. I think the remedy for this is part Shake It Off, and part CHOOSE JOY. 

• Get all up in Black Friday... and Shut. It. Down. - Thats right, you heard (read?) me! Z and I have participated in Black Friday in the past, and chose not to last year. But this year I am determined to shop my face off and get good deals on adorable things for my niece, and maybe for other people too. :)

What are your November goals? I would love to hear them!


DONT FORGET- Pre Orders will shut down tonight and the Humbled Hearts Daybook will Launch Next Friday! If you want to pre-order.. do it now!!