Daybook: The topics

I can't wait to break down the contents of this Daybook for you. After I revealed the covers and blogged about my "why", I was blow away by the response. I tried to choose three different patterns/colors that complimented each other, but could also be gorgeous alone and fit into your everyday life.  I personally can't wait to see the gorgeous pairing of my Daybook with my 2015 planner!

Getting tired of this image yet?!

Getting tired of this image yet?!

I know I've said it before, but this product is the first (of many I hope) that is a direct respresentation of my own personal needs in my spiritual walk. I needed something to help remind me to pray and what to pray about.. that sounds crazy, but it's true! I get so busy during the day, that I forget and I end up being so stressed because I am not taking the proper time away to talk to Jesus. Not only did I need a place to journal my thoughts, but I needed something to challenge me to really dig deeper. Each page was designed to do just that. Here are the pages and topic you will find..

Prayer Requests for family & loved ones

• Prayer Requests for friends, foes & those who cross your path

Daily Prayer Needs for yourself.

• On My Heart - Two full pages to journal your thoughts, stories, quotes, etc. throughout the month.

• Struggle + Fears - An area to note what you are struggling with to later pray over it.

• Forgiveness -  A place to begin the journey of forgiveness for yourself or others.

• Goals + Dreams - List your God-sized dreams and goals for the future.

Intentional Living - List things to be intentional about throughout the month.

Joy Stealers - Make known the things in life that steal your joy. 

• Don't Give Up - List certain things in your life you don't want to give up on. 

• Gratefulness - A full page to acknowledge all the answered prayers and blessings that month.

• Monthly Verse - A different verse each month to think upon and remind you of the importance of scripture. (You can leave in your book, or tear out and hang on the refrigerator.)

• Notes - A four page section in the back of the book to take notes on sermons, small group meetings, bible studies, or what ever your heart desires. 

All of that goodness packed into ten pages each month. You have pages that you will fill up as the month progresses and pages that you will fill out to refer to and pray over. I truly hope you find this Daybook to be a spiritual tool in cultivating a richer relationship with Jesus. As I count down the days until preorders, I will give you a closer look at the pages and elaborate on how they can be used. 

The Humbled Hearts Daybook Pre-Orders begin October 24th! To be notified when it goes live... sign up here!