HBP Daybook: My Why

Well, we are back from the beach and the shop is back open! I tell ya, it was such a great week away. I am missing it in a big way today. 

I planned to share another post today, but honestly this feels more fitting. I think sometimes sitting down to physically write your "why" is important. So today I am doing just that. I want to share WHY I started the journey of developing the Humbled Hearts Daybook and why it's been a great tool for me.


Over my 25 years of life, I've always been the most sensitive and emotional in my family. Always the first to cry and first to get my feelings hurt. (What can I say...sensitive sally over here :))

My biggest frustration with being so sensitive was not having anyone to talk to that understood me or not feeling like I had a safe place to be my self. Once I figured out the power of prayer in my adult life, and that Jesus loved me and that he not only wanted to hear my thoughts but help me work through them? Magical & life-changing. I know those are "elementary" concepts to people who have been raised in church, like myself, but the concept is simple for a reason.

God's love is simple, and it knows no boundaries. 

When I started my shop, I wanted everything I did to reflect the changes my heart was going through (feelings of acceptance and peace). After all, this is God's business and not my own. So as many wonderful events have played out, God placed another seed in my heart that I knew was going to be another big leap of faith, a major focus on encouraging others and what I have found to be my saving grace in life. 

The Humbled Hearts Daybook has been a tool for me to have an outlet to release all my thoughts and feelings in a way that encourages me to then pray for them. Has something been done like this before? Sure! There are seriously some great ones out there, and I will be the first to tell you it's not an original concept (it's God's!), but the heart behind it is more than authentic. What makes the HH Daybook different, is it was developed by myself who has been on the emotional struggle bus before. I bottle up feelings, suppress the negativity, or "let it go" (except not really) just for it to blow up later on down the road. Don't even try to picture it.. hot mess express. Because of my personality, I have truly dedicated my life to finding healthy ways of expressing it. This product strongly encourages emotional honesty, personal growth and growth within your relationship with our savior for a reason. It is tailored to search the corners of your heart that you don't otherwise want (or forget) to explore, and it creates a safe place to release and pray over them. It is a cozy home for the beautiful, the messy, and the grace filled life we live. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be breaking down page by page to show you ways of how the Daybook can help you on your faithful journey. Stay tuned! 


The Humbled Hearts Daybook Pre-Orders begin October 24th! To be notified when it goes live... sign up here!